Little tree is established in London, United Kingdom back in 2011. Little Tree is committed to help parents providing safe, clean and natural products that help baby flourish and put Mom’s mind at ease. Little Tree chooses only eco-friendly, packages and labels, aiming to leave a cleaner environment to future generations. Adhering to the OECD’s strict standards, Little Tree’s products break down naturally within 21 days when exposed to water, sunshine and microorganisms. Our factory has its own in-house lab, where the experts test every product at every stage of production to ensure that it remains free of toxins or contaminants. That’s why Mom can rest assured that the products are safe to use on baby’s delicate skin. And in order to respect all living things, Little Tree is also committed that they do not involve animal testing from research, development to production. Little Tree chooses to use advance technologies to ensure that the products are dependable, safe and effective while also preserving nature’s harmony.