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MUGU offers an experience that will increase children's imagination by creating six characters “My Hearts' Mate” that will help them understand the good values of life.

At MUGU, every product is a combination of excellent design, high-quality materials, and sustainable philosophy. By combining natural and durable ingredients, we create products to get the best experience for both children and parents. We carefully design each product with innovative technology and safety to stimulate children to learn, enjoy learning and help mothers to have better parenting life

MUGU believes that boundless creativity can be developed from an early age, therefore MUGU “My Hearts' Mate” will help your little one's imagination and understand positive values in life. Each MUGU products are designed with soft, stylish, and soothing color choices to help stimulate the development of children's psychological motor nerves.

To further their contribution to environmental matters, in the future, MUGU is planning to collaborate with organization for children whose values align with MUGU's by creating a safe environment for children to grow, learn and play.