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Why Join Us?

We are compassionate and intellligence team who strive to provide better
experience for brighter future Together we provide quality, safe, and stylist elegant
products that can ease moms mobility and family activities

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Hands on experience from day 1

We treat you as adult professional and we believe you contribute with high quality.

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Opportunity to learn and grow

Everyone has aspiration, so we will support and give opportunity everyone to pursue their aspiration which in line with company goals and reach their actualization.

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Career advancement and switching

We combine people competencies and potential to help them understand and unleash their true potential. We rotate, promote, or offer you an opportunity for you to switch your area or expertise with consent.

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Supportive work relation

we nurture to focus on to what we need to improve, not the subject make an error. Discuss it with your teammates, leader, or management. Thus give your best to deserve their valuable time.

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Benefit Package

Telemedicine, health insurance/medical reimbursement, employee special price, annual/special leave, monthly volunteer leave, overtime allowance (for certain level), maternity hampers benefit.