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MOOIMOM's journey began in 2015 when it was founded by Carolyne, inspired by her experience as a mother of three children. As a young mother, Carolyne found it difficult to find high-quality maternity products with reasonable price.

This experience encourages Carolyne who is also a designer herself to develop her own maternity products and name it MOOIMOM, which in Dutch it means beautiful, as Carolyne believes that every woman is beautiful, including during the maternity and post-partum period.

Due to thoughtful design, quality and comfort, MOOIMOM is growing rapidly from a newly-introduced brand to become the chosen brand by moms who uses its products to cover every step of a mother's journey, from the needs of pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and baby equipment. MOOIMOM provides comfort for every pregnant woman, convenience for all nursing mothers, as well as restoring the confidence of postpartum mothers.